Patriot Viper Steel vs Corsair Vengeance Pro

Both these devices utilize the fourth generation DDR (Double Data Rate) memory that has an overall high speed.

It benefits with increased transfer and lower consumption of voltage resulting in lower power usage and increasing bandwidth by 50%.

Both are wireless types of memory devices, making your system efficient, and delivering stable performance.

Let’s see what these devices offer:

If we talk about the common things between them, then both devices:

  • have DDR4 memories.
  • support XMP2.0.
  • have 288 pins.
  • have a built-in RGB LED.
  • have a limited lifetime warranty.
  • and have equal voltages.

Here the Patriot Viper Steel:

  • has a SODIMM device type.
  • is NON-ECC Unbuffered DIMM.
  • is relatively cheaper than its contender.
  • has a more compact design.
  • is lighter in weight.
  • has a higher clock speed.
  • and is compatible with the superior processors of Intel and AMD.

And the Corsair Vengeance Pro on the other hand:

  • has a DRAM device type.
  • has a higher storage capacity.
  • is relatively more expensive than its competitor.
  • and is more flexible in the product range.

In comparison, Corsair Vengeance has a massive storage capacity of up to256GB and it offers a more flexible product variety but it’s not cost-effective. Whereas, Patriot Viper has a more compact design, is lighter in weight, has a higher clock speed and compatible with the superior processors of Intel and AMD, and is a cheaper choice comparatively.

Side By Side Comparison:

Patriot Viper Steel

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Corsair Vengeance Pro

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Technical SpecificationsViper SteelVengeance Pro
ProfileXMP 2.0XMP 2.0
Pinout288 pins288 pins
Tested latency18-22-22-4215-17-17-35

Overview of both these devices:

The Patriot Viper Steel DDR4 memory unit, manufactured by Patriot, is aimed to deliver high performance and ensures stability making them environment friendly.

Paired with impressively RGB lighting and designed with a ritual high-performance aluminum heat shield to compete with the overall system performance immaculately and leave a luminous lustrous effect matching any system.

It is compatible with the latest Intel and AMD systems. Built from reliable components, it handles heavy applications with its concrete performance. It works at a speed from 3000mhz up to 4400mhz with XMP 2.0 support.

It is 100% quality assured memory and tested for reliability and comes with a limited-time warranty.

The Corsair Vengeance Pro, on the other side, memory is manufactured by Corsair that includes an effervescent multi-zone RGB lighting that gives your PC an attractive glow and a modified PCB design supplies the uppermost signal class for the exceptional performance and permanency on the latest AMD and Intel DDR4 motherboards.

Each module features ten vibrantly controlled RGB LEDs. Its wireless infrastructure makes installation easy.

With ICUE software, one can experience the ease of modifying each module’s lighting to match the system.

Additionally, individually designed screens reveal superior overclocking.

Features of Patriot Viper Steel:

  • Aluminum heat spreader with exceptional design constituents.
  • Secure solid steel handles heavy applications with its concrete performance.
  • XMP 2.0 supports automatic overclocking settings for optimum performance and constancy. 
  • Tested for quality assurance.
  • Compatible with lead motherboard customization of the custom-made profiles for any occurrence.
  • Flawless system look with RGB effect.

Features of Corsair Vengeance Pro:

  • 10 Ultra-bright RGB LEDs per module.
  • Individually designed screened ICs reveal superior overclocking.
  • Modified PCB design supplies the uppermost signal class for exceptional performance and permanency.
  • Succeeding Generation Software takes control in CORSAIR iCUE software.
  • CORSAIR RGB products, including CPU coolers, keyboards, and fans can help in synchronizing lights.
  • Tightly Screened Memory and, individually designed screened ICs reveal superior overclocking.
  • The wireless structure allows for a clean and unbroken install.
  • Supreme bandwidth and close-fitted response time improved on the modern Intel DDR4 motherboards.
  • A single BIOS setting sets your memory to its ultimate performance.

From the above-mentioned features, we can conclude that Vengeance is a better choice in this respect.

Let’s talk about their hardware design:

The Patriot Viper memory has a conventional designed high-performance aluminum heat shield for a clean glossy steel look.

It has a black upper shield side with a Viper logo in the center in silver color.

It has a top portion for RGB lighting and consists of an aluminum heat spreader with a distinctive and precise design. 

Corsair Vengeance Pro has a similar design and structure as Viper.

It has a black lustrous upper shield with vengeance RGB pro written in the center and corsair written just above it.

Patriot Viper is smaller in size compared to its competitor.

The thickness of Viper is less than its contender making it a more compact choice comparatively. The weight of Viper is much lower comparatively.

Hence Viper wins the race for being more compact and lighter in weight.

ParameterViper SteelVengeance Pro
Dimension in inches (LxWxD)‎ 0.27 x 5.34 x 1.740.3 x 5.44 x 2
Weight, g96124

Voltage Differences & Significance:

A voltage of memory is important in stabilizing the overclocking. It refers to the power consumed by the memory.

Lower voltage memory is more beneficial than higher voltage memory.

Both competitors are DDR4 memory and support an equivalent voltage of 1.35 V.

Hence both equally consume less power and are a source of generating less heat.

How much Storage can they offer?

Patriot Viper has a lower maximum storage capacity of up to 64GB while its opponent has a higher maximum capacity of up to 256GB.

It is also inflexible in product range as it offers only four sizes while its opponent has six different sizes available.

Hence it is concluded that Corsair Vengeance Pro is a better choice comparatively for being more flexible in product range and for having a massive storage capacity.

ParameterViper SteelVengeance Pro
Capacity Range8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB

Are they compatible with your system?

Intel processors are the best leading CPUs for desktops and laptops globally. They come in different models namely, Core, Xeon, Pentium, and Celeron, along with multiple generations like 9th, 10th, and 11th, also called Coffee Lake, Comet/Ice Lake, and Rocket/Tiger Lake.

AMD short for Advanced Micro Devices is a semiconductor company, popular for designing and developing computer processors and graphics technologies.

It is less expensive and more efficient than Intel at a higher range.

Patriot Viper is compatible with the latest i7 processors and the latest AMD platforms.

While Vengeance is not compatible with the superior AMD and Intel platforms.

Hence, Patriot Viper wins this contest for being compatible with the superior processors.

ParameterViper SteelVengeance Pro
Intellatest Intel premium/high-end platforms and i7 processors Intel 100, 200, 300, or X299 Series with Core X Series i7-76xx or i5-76xx
AMDLatest AMD platformsNo

What Clock Speed Do They offer?

To monitor the performance of the memory, clock speed is an important parameter to analyze.

It is measured in MHz (millions of cycles per second).

The faster the clock speed, the better will be the performance of memory.

The maximum clock speed of Viper is comparatively higher than its competitor.

Hence Viper will make the system operate at a comparatively higher speed.

 Parameter Viper SteelVengeance Pro
Clock speed2400MHz-4400MHz2666MHz-4000MHz

Is their Price Justified?

Massive storage capacity and flexibility in product range make Corsair Vengeance Pro more expensive

But it’s still not justified as its competitor has a more compact design, is lighter in weight, has a higher clock speed, and is compatible with the superior processors of Intel and AMD.