Motorola MB7220 Vs Motorola MB7420

Both of the contenders are DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems designed by Motorola for providing high-speed internet.

Motorola MB7420
Motorola MB7420

What else is common between them?

  • They do not have any built-in router but are comprised of chipset by Broadcom.
  • Their design and hardware are exactly alike.
  • Both meet the DOCSIS 3.0 standard and the latest Internet Protocol (IPv6).
  • Both of them are compatible with all the major internet service providers.
  • They don’t have any built-in router but do have a single Gigabit Ethernet port.

Here the Motorola 7220:

  • is cheaper.
  • and has 8 downstream and 4 upstream channels which allows it to provide 343 Mbps and 123 Mbps internet speed respectively.

And the Motorola MB7420:

  • has 16 downstream and 4 upstream channels which allows it to provide 686 Mbps and 123 Mbps internet speed respectively.

Compared to MB7220, MB7420 has twice the downloading speed due to having more bonding channels. But their hardware, design, compatibility, and interface are exactly the same.

Side By Side Comparison:

Motorola MB 7220

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Motorola MB 7420

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General SpecificationsMotorola MB7220Motorola MB7420
DOCSIS Standard3.03.0
Downstream channels × Upstream channels8 × 416 × 4
Download Speed343 Mbps686 Mbps
Upload Speed (Mbps)123 Mbps123 Mbps
Built-in Modem RouterNoNo
Ethernet ports1 × Gigabit EthernetSame
Network ProtocolIPv4, IPv6Same

Overivew of both devices:

MB7220 is a reliable cable modem that consists of 8 downstream and 4 upstream bonding channels. It can provide up to 343 Mbps downloading and 123 Mbps uploading speed. It has only 1 Gigabit Ethernet port in it.

It also features a lightning protection system.

Unlike its competitor, MB7420 has 16 downstream bonding channels but does have the same number of upstream channels. Its downloading speed is up to 686 Mbps and its uploading speed is 123 Mbps.

It also has only 1 Gigabit Ethernet port and a lightning protection system in it.

Design and Hardware

Both of the cable modems are alike from both the design and the hardware standpoint. They are vertically designed cable modems with an elliptical-shaped base.

Their dark grey color with shining surface gives them a very diligent look.

Their size and weight are also identical. Even the LED lights for indicating the status of the modems are exactly alike and are shown in the table below. Both of them can be used under similar environmental conditions.

Both of them do not have any built-in router in them. On the rear side of both the contenders, there is a coax cable connector, a reset button, a power jack, a power button, and a Gigabit Ethernet port.

It comes along with some accessories packed inside the package.

There is a Power Cube, a Velcro Cable Organizer, an Ethernet Cable, a Quick Start Flyer, and a Coax Connection Tool.

ParametersMotorola MB7220Motorola MB7420
Dimensions (inches)6.1 (h) x 2 (w) x 4.9 (l)6.1 (h) x 2 (w) x 4.9 (l)
Built-in routerNoNo
Weight9.3 Ounces9.3 Ounces
Ethernet Ports11

Compatibility of both of these modems

Both of them are compatible with almost all the previous internet protocol versions including the latest one named IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6).

It ensures a practically unlimited number of addresses and also handles data packets with more efficiency.

There are many managed devices on Internet Protocol (IP) such as cable modems, printers, routers, servers, etc.

To collect and manage information about these devices, and sometimes even to configure them, there is an Internet Standard protocol known as Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

Both of the contestants are compatible with the third version of SNMP, which is also the most advanced version of it since 1998. It guarantees that both contestants would provide enhanced security and configuration.

Which device performs better?

DOCSIS 3.0 is an international standard that allows for high-bandwidth data transfer over cable televisions that came in 2006. Since both of the contenders meet this standard, their data transfer speed is limited to up to 1 Gbps.

But due to having twice the downstream channels, MB7420 has a higher downloading speed than its counterpart. But both of their uploading speed would be the same since their upstream channels are equal.

The downloading or data receiving speed of MB7220 and MB7420 is 343 Mbps and 686 Mbps respectively.

Both of their uploading or data sending speed is 123 Mbps

Quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) is an advanced form of modulation in which the amplitude of multiple wave carriers is changed to enhance bandwidth. Both of the contenders used all the QAM constellations and even up to 256 QAM which ensures more bandwidth efficiency.

Both of the contenders contain a chipset by Broadcom but of different models.

The Chipset in MB7220 has comprised of dual-band concurrent Wi-Fi, Full-Band Capture (FBC), and a traditional applications processor to deliver advanced services to its users.

On the other hand, the chipset in MB7420 is designed similarly to its counterpart, but features 16 × 4 channel bonding and enables the fastest connection when connected with 5G Wi-Fi.

We can state that MB7420 is superior to its counterpart since it has more bonding channels which allow it to have more downloading speed. Also, its chipset is more advanced and allows additional channel bonding.

Performance ParametersMotorola MB7220Motorola MB7420
Downstream channels × Upstream channels8 × 416 × 4
Downstream data rate (Mbps)343686
Upstream data rate (Mbps)123Same
Downstream Modulation64 or 256 QAMSame
Upstream ModulationQPSK, 8QAM, 16QAM, 32QAM, 64QAM,128QAM, 256QAMSame
Broadcom Core ChipsetBCM3383Same

Warranty & Price

Since both of them belong to the same manufacturer, so their warranty period is the same. Their warranty period consists of 2 years.

They are tested, inspected, and certified by a French Certification Company named Bureau Veritas.

As for their costs. It is obvious that MB7420 is more expensive than its competitor.

It is justified by its double downloading speed, advanced chipset, and additional bonding channels.