Toshiba N300 vs MG Series

Here we are, in the grand digital arena where two formidable contenders of the storage world are flexing their terabytes – Toshiba’s N300 and MG series enterprise.

We’re about to witness an epic face-off between these renowned data gladiators, each vying for the crown of the best hard drive.

Are you ready to rumble? Dive in, as we navigate the intricate maze of Toshiba’s N300 14TB MG08ACA14TE and MG Series Enterprise 14TB HDWG21EXZSTA.

Key Points

Toshiba N300 14TB MG08ACA14TE

  • Ample Storage Boasting an impressive 14TB, it’s a treasure trove for storing heaps of data.
  • Steady Performer A million-hour mean time between failures (MTBF) speaks volumes about its durability.
  • Fast and Efficient Revs up to 7200 RPM with data zooming in and out at 260MB/s, ensuring swift access and transfer of content.
  • Eco-friendly Runs on a modest 6.9W, saving energy costs while keeping your data safe.

Toshiba MG Series 14TB HDWG21EXZSTA

  • Mighty Storage Capacity Matches its counterpart with a robust 14TB storage space to accommodate vast data needs.
  • Built for the Long Run A whopping 2.5 million-hour MTBF makes it a robust and dependable option for enterprise-level tasks.
  • Speed Demon Clocks the same 7200 RPM but edges out the N300 in data transfer speed with 262MB/s, providing faster data access and transfer.
  • High Endurance With a 550 TB/year workload rating, it’s designed to shoulder heavy-duty tasks and high-intensity workloads.
  • Superior Data Protection Features Persistent Write Cache technology to secure data integrity during unexpected power interruptions, providing an added layer of safety for critical data.

Let’s dive into the specs.

SpecificationToshiba N300 14TB MG08ACA14TEToshiba MG Series 14TB HDWG21EXZSTA
InterfaceSATA 6 Gb/sSATA 6 Gb/s
Form Factor3.5 inch3.5 inch
MTTF (Mean Time To Failure)1,000,000 hours2,500,000 hours
Workload Rating180 TB/year550 TB/year
Data Transfer Speed260 MB/s262 MB/s
Shock tolerance70 G (2 ms, half-sine)70 G (2 ms, half-sine)
Vibration tolerance0.75 G (5 to 300 Hz)0.75 G (5 to 300 Hz)
Power Consumption (Operating)6.9 W7.6 W
Acoustics (Idle/Operating)20/34 dBA20/34 dBA
Notable FeaturesAdvanced Format (AF) technology, Error recovery controlPersistent Write Cache technology, Enhanced error correction

Design and Hardware

When comparing the two, both the N300 and the MG series share a similar design philosophy. They are practical, robust, and aim to blend seamlessly into any home office or enterprise setting.

Both models have a professional aesthetic and are built to endure, aligning with their respective target markets—home office users for the N300 and enterprise users for the MG Series.

Toshiba N300 14TB MG08ACA14TE

The N300 series sports a robust build quality that’s designed to withstand regular use. With a lustrous and aesthetic casing, this hard drive embodies practicality and functionality.

The unit is intended for a 3.5-inch drive bay, a standard size that ensures compatibility with most desktops and server enclosures. Its matte black finish gives it a professional and understated aesthetic.

Toshiba MG Series 14TB HDWG21EXZSTA

Like the N300, the MG series is also built for the 3.5-inch form factor, ensuring it will easily fit into most conventional desktop and server enclosures.

Its design is focused on durability and reliability, especially given its target usage in demanding enterprise environments.

The MG Series shares the sleek black finish with the N300, maintaining a professional look. The build quality is excellent, emphasizing longevity and durability for long-term heavy usage.


Toshiba MG Series 14TB HDWG21EXZSTA

Toshiba’s MG Series showcases a distinct longevity, earning applause with a substantial Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) rating of 2,500,000 hours. It’s crafted to be a reliable partner in the high-demand arena of data storage for an extensive period.

This stalwart of a drive doesn’t compromise on speed, either. It operates at a brisk 7200 RPM and offers a data transfer rate of 262 MB/s. This guarantees expedited handling of data and immediate retrieval of stored files, streamlining your data operations.

Notably, the MG Series keeps an eye on power efficiency, consuming a mere 7.8W in operational mode. This drive successfully balances energy conservation with high-end performance.

With its Persistent Write Cache Technology, the MG Series ensures an extra layer of data security. This tech ensures the preservation of data integrity even during unexpected power outages, reinforcing overall data dependability.

Lastly, the MG Series is equipped with superior vibration management technology, enhancing its lifespan and enabling a smooth and steady performance. It’s an optimal pick for users who demand durability, eco-friendliness, and swiftness all in one package.

Toshiba N300 14TB MG08ACA14TE

Prepare to embark on a dependable data journey with the Toshiba N300. This stalwart hard drive boasts an extraordinary Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 1,000,000 hours, making it the perfect steadfast companion for your data storage needs.

Engineered for peak performance, the N300 accelerates at a lightning-fast 7200 RPM, coupled with a data transfer rate of 260 MB/s. This dynamic duo ensures swift and seamless maneuvering of your data, granting you instant access to your valuable archived files.

But that’s not all – the N300 also demonstrates its dedication to eco-friendly practices and efficient power usage. It sips on a modest 6.9W during operation, showcasing its commitment to energy efficiency and reducing its environmental footprint.

Crafted with precision and care, the N300 incorporates advanced controls that minimize vibrations. These intricate measures not only enhance the drive’s durability but also guarantee a smooth and uninterrupted performance, ensuring your data remains safe and sound.

With the Toshiba N300, you can rest assured that your data will be securely stored, quickly accessible, and accompanied by eco-conscious efficiency, making it the ideal choice for both reliability and performance.

Environmental Factors


The N300 likes to keep its cool, thriving in a temperature range of 0°C to 60°C (32°F to 140°F). It knows how to handle the heat, but it’s always good to ensure it gets proper airflow and cooling hugs to stay within those temperature limits.

The MG Series, on the other hand, has a slight preference for a warmer embrace. It feels most comfortable within the temperature range of 5°C to 60°C (41°F to 140°F).

You need to consider using additional cooling solutions.


The N300 is a moisture-sensitive soul, preferring humidity levels between 5% and 90%. It doesn’t like to get too dry or too soggy, so keep it away from excessive moisture and desert-like dryness for its overall well-being.

The MG Series shares a similar sentiment but has a slightly wider range of 8% to 90% humidity. It appreciates a balanced environment, neither too damp nor too arid.


When it comes to the height game, both the N300 and the MG Series are equal contenders. They are designed to conquer the skies up to 3,048 meters (10,000 feet).

But beware, if you dare to take them higher, their performance and reliability might start to get a bit wobbly. So, keep them grounded within their altitude comfort zone for peak performance.

Stable Power Supply and Surge Protection

Supercharge your hard drive’s defense against power mishaps with surge protectors and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. Give your hard drive the reliability it craves by providing a stable power source so that no data is lost.


Both the Toshiba N300 14TB MG08ACA14TE and the MG Series 14TB HDWG21EXZSTA come equipped with a cutting-edge SATA 6 Gb/s interface.

This universal connection opens doors to compatibility with various systems, from desktop computers to workstations and storage servers.

Enjoy a reliable and lightning-fast link that effortlessly transfers data between your hard drives and host systems, ensuring smooth operations and efficient performance.

Price Comparison

There’s a minor difference in prices. Toshiba MG Series 14TB HDWG21EXZSTA is priced at $219, while the Toshiba N300 14TB MG08ACA14TE is slightly cheaper at $208.


Toshiba N300 14TB MG08ACA14TE shines with its unwavering reliability, efficient power usage, and advanced vibration controls.

If you’re in need of a storage solution that can handle heavy workloads while ensuring your data remains safe and accessible, the N300 is the dependable companion you’ve been looking for.

On the flip side, the MG Series 14TB HDWG21EXZSTA is a true powerhouse. With its exceptional durability, impressive MTBF, and blazing-fast rotational speed, it’s built to tackle the demanding needs of enterprise-level storage.

If you find yourself in a data center, server environment, or dealing with resource-intensive applications that demand lightning-quick data access and processing, the MG Series is the sturdy workhorse you can rely on.