Synology DS3617xs VS Synology DS3615xs

Compared to its competitor, DS3617xs has superior processing speed, RAM storage, data storage capacity, reading speed, and additional features. And it is also more economical compared to its competitor.

Following are the similarities and differences between these two devices:

  • Both contenders are designed for large businesses.
  • The design of both contenders is the same.
  • Both contenders provide tremendous features but DS3617xs is slightly better because of having the extra feature of the advanced file system.
  • The processing speed, RAM storage, reading speed, data storage capacity, and the number of file systems of DS3617xs are superior to its opponent.
  • DS3615xs supports more number of Operating Systems and web browsers.
  • Both devices come along with 5 years of warranty.
  • DS3615xs is slightly more expensive than DS3617xs.

Synology DS3617xs is installed with an Intel Xeon Quad-core processor with a processing speed of 2.2 GHz. It is installed with 16 GB RAM storage but it can be extended up to 64 GB. It is known for its economic benefits and large storage system.

On the other hand, the Synology DS3615xs contains a dual-core processor which runs on the 3.4 GHz processing speed. It consists of 4 GB RAM which can further be extended up to 32 GB.

Side By Side Comparison:

Synology DS3617XS

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Synology DS3615XS

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Technical SpecificationsSynology DS3617xsSynology DS3615xs
Central Processing UnitIntel Xeon D-1527Intel Core i3-4130
Processing Speed / Burst speed (GHz)2.2 / 2.73.4
CPU Architecture and Core64-bit and quad-core processor64-bit and dual-core processor
Maximum Storage Capacity / with Expansion120 / 360 TB72 / 216 TB
Sequential Reading Speed, MB/s2,3582,352
IOPS Reading Speed, MB/s406,760268,064
Installed Memory / Extended Memory (GB)16 / 484 / 32

Design and Hardware

Both contenders have the same design, a rectangular boxed shape with a matt black color. Their dimension and weight are equivalent as well.

Even the number of components they possess is the same.

Their hardware components, along with their purposes, are explained below.

The Front Panel

  • Both of them have indicating LED lights to indicate the statuses of the systems, emergencies, drive bays, and LAN.
  • A power and a reset button is being installed in them for turning the device ON/OFF and to reset its configuration respectively.
  • Two exhaust fans are installed to keep the devices’ temperature in the recommended working temperature range.
  • Four Gigabit Ethernet Ports are being installed in them.
  • A new standard of Peripheral Component Interconnect Express known as PCIe 3.0 is being installed in both devices. It has 8 data lanes in it. Its purpose is to expand the capacity of 4 Gigabit LAN ports.
  • Two USB 3.0 ports are being installed in each of the contenders. Their purpose is to connect the devices with other external devices.
  • Two Expansion ports are being installed in each of the contenders. Their purpose is to connect the devices with expansion units to increase their drive bays and eventually data storage capacity.
Dimensions (H x W x D)270 x 300 x 340 mm270 X 300 X 340 mm
Weight, kg9.89.8
USB 3.0 ports22
Expansion Ports22
PCIe Expansion slot 3.011
ButtonsReset and PowerReset and Power
Exhaust Fan (120 x 120 x 25 mm)22
Ethernet LAN Port (RJ-45)44


  • DS3617xs is integrated with the Btrfs file system which is considered to be the most advanced storage technology. This advanced technology enhances the data storage and restoration process.
  • Both competitors provide an all-in-one storage solution for many virtualization environments such as Citrix, VMware, OpenStack, Hyper-V, etc. They also enable the migration of virtual machines from one server to another.
  • Both of them run through a comprehensive business application that allows large businesses to operate, coordinate and share their data among the company members.
  • Both contenders can be powered ON/OFF remotely through the internet.
  • Both provide robust storage scalability with much simplicity and flexibility. Users can increase their storage capacity by attaching expansion units without facing any disruption.
  • Both of them are installed with DDR4 ECC SO-DIMM RAMs which ensures error detection and also correction while transferring files from one server to another.
  • Their snapshot replica technology and Synology High Availability ensure data protection, by seamlessly transferring it among clustered servers, in case of server failure.
  • Both contenders deliver a Unified Storage System for different Operating Systems through multiple network protocols.

Both contenders have almost the same features but DS3617xs takes the lead because it is integrated with an advanced file system which its competitor is not.

Processing Speed Differences:

Even though the clock speed or processing speed of DS3615xs is 3.4 GHz, it is still inferior to its opponent’s processing speed which is 2.2 GHz.

It’s because of having less number of processing cores. DS3615xs has only two cores which means its total processing speed would be 6.8 GHz (2 × 3.4).

On the other hand, the processing speed of DS3617xs would be 8.8 GHz (4 × 2.2) since it is a quad-core process.

Reading Speeds:

Both the IOPS (Input/output operations per second) reading speed and Sequential Reading Speed of DS3615xs is relatively lower than its peer.

Hence in this regard, DS3617xs is superior to its competitor.

Data Storage Capacities:

Even though both have the same number of drive bays, their data storage capability differs because of their RAID configuration.

DS3615xs can store 6 TB in one of its drive bays which means it can store up to 72 TB (6×12) of storage and can be extended up to 216 TB (6×36).

On the other hand, its competitor can store up to 10 TB in one drive which means it can store 120 TB (10×12), and 360 TB (10×36) upon extension.

So in this regard as well, DS3617xs is superior to its competitor.

Differences in Warranty

Since both of them are manufactured by the same company, their warranty period is the same.

Synology offers 5 years of warranty for both of its products.

Both products are inspected and certified by Federal Communication Commission.