Synology DS2419plus vs DS3617XS

Synology DS2419+ vs DS3617XS

Compared to ds2419+, ds3617xs provides greater transfer rates, larger single volumes, a more enhanced backup and a longer warranty duration. The only downside it has is its higher cost. Lets start off with similarities and differences between both devices: The ds2419+ … Read More

Synology DiskStation ds1520plus vs ds1621plus

Synology DiskStation ds1520+ vs ds1621+

Both of the devices have the same working temperature, and they are equally compatible with various operating systems. Following are the similarities and differences between these two devices: The Synology DS1520+ is a five-bay cloud storage device that possesses 4 … Read More

Synology DS3617xs VS Synology DS3615xs

Synology DS3617xs VS Synology DS3615xs

Compared to its competitor, DS3617xs has superior processing speed, RAM storage, data storage capacity, reading speed, and additional features. And it is also more economical compared to its competitor. Following are the similarities and differences between these two devices: Synology … Read More

Synology DS218J vs DS218play

Synology DS218J vs DS218play

Both NAS devices are 2-bay cloud devices which are identical in structure. They have the same certifications and are supported by the same protocols. And they offer a SATA hardware interface (AES encrypted). The Synology DS218J: On the other hand, … Read More

Synology DS216j vs DS218j

Synology DS216j vs DS218j

Both two bay network attached systems enable users to create a private cloud database that can be used to fulfill the networking needs of a small business or as a multimedia center at the home. Their Marvell processors are credited … Read More

Synology DS418 Play vs DS418

Synology DS418 Play vs DS418

Both of these 4 bay NAS devices provide a private, safe, and user-friendly solution for data storage and collaboration. Let’s start off with some similarities and differences of both devices. Some of the common things between them, include: Here the … Read More

Synology DS918plus vs QNAP TS-451plus

Synology DS918+ vs QNAP TS-451+

Compared to its opponent, TS-415+ has a high processing speed, large expandable bays, and RAM size. Also, its advanced features and design are superior to its opponent. Let’s start off with all similarities and differences between the two: Here, the … Read More

QNAP TS-431K vs synology dS420plus

QNAP TS-431K vs synology dS420+

Qnap TS-431k is equipped with a 1 GB RAM, meanwhile Synology DS420+ comes with 2GB RAM in its system. Both of the deceives have the same working temperature and Qnap is more versatile out of the two in terms of … Read More

Synology DS918plus vs DS920plus

Synology DS918+ vs DS920+

In comparison with DS920+, DS918+ weighs lesser, possesses better Ethernet connectivity, provides more sound backups, and is priced comparatively lesser while DS920+ has an efficient processor working on a higher frequency, shows faster performance, and offers better collaboration tools. Let’s … Read More

Synology DS918plus vs DS1019plus

Synology DS918+ vs DS1019+

In comparison, DS1019+ has double the amount of installed memory, shows faster writing speeds, and has a better sharing capability, while DS918+ is compact and lightweight, has enhanced backup ability, makes lesser noise, and comes for a lower price. Lets … Read More

Synology DS1515plus vs DS1520plus

Synology DS1515+ vs DS1520+

Compared with DS1515+, DS1520+ contains a high-frequency processing chip, larger RAM, enhanced storage capacity, and better sharing capacity. However, this device comes for a relatively higher amount. Differences/Similarities of Both NAS Devices: The Synology DS1515+ is a heavier device that … Read More

Synology DS920plus vs DS1019plus

Synology DS920+ vs DS1019+

Compared to DS920+, DS1019+ has vast internal memory, more drive bays, and better local sharing ability but it is comparatively noisier and expensive as well. Lets start off with similarities and differences between both devices: DS920+ is equipped with a … Read More

Synology DS220plus vs Synology DS918plus

Synology DS220+ vs Synology DS918+

Compared to its opponent, DS918+ has greater dive bays and RAM storage but its processing speed is relatively slower. Having additional RAM storage and drive bays also gives DS918+ an advantage of having superior writing/reading speed and storage capacity respectively. … Read More

DiskStation DS920plus vs DiskStation DS418

DiskStation DS920+ vs DiskStation DS418

In comparison to ds418, ds920+ has greater transfer rates along with a more powerful processor, larger RAM and a longer period of warranty. Due to these better features, its price is also higher. Moreover, the maximum single storage volume of … Read More

Synology DS1515plus vs DS1019plus

Synology DS1515+ vs DS1019+

Compared with DS1019+, Synology DS1515+ provides faster read-write responses, enhanced eSATA and USB connectivity, and larger data storage but its noise production and price are relatively higher. Lets start off with similarities and differences between both devices: DS1019+ is equipped … Read More

Synology DS920plus vs DS420j

Synology DS920+ vs DS420j

Compared with DS420j, DS920+ shows faster read-write speeds, better layout features (swappable drives, eSATA, M.2 NMVe SSD, and multiple GbE ports), and superior sharing and backup abilities. However, this device weighs heavier and costs a higher price. Main Differences and … Read More

Synology DS2415plus vs DS2419plus

Synology DS2415+ vs DS2419+

Compared with DS2415+, DS219+ has a relatively efficient CPU and larger installed memory, presents faster speed and better sharing and backup facilities, and makes lesser noise, but it is comparatively expensive as well. Let’s check out the similarities and differences … Read More

Synology DS2419plus vs Synology DS1819plus

Synology DS 2419+ vs Synology DS 1819+

In comparison to DS 1819+, DS 2419+ provides better personal data backups and sharing, supports a greater number of operating systems, and has a higher data storage capacity. But the device is too heavy to handle and occupies greater space … Read More

Synology DS 718plus vs Synology DS 918plus

Synology DS 718+ vs Synology DS 918+

Compared to DS 718+, DS 918+ provides greater writing speed, superior data backups, and security, and is available at a more affordable price. But the device occupies more space, is relatively difficult to handle, and produces greater sound during its … Read More

Synology DS1520plus vs DS920plus

Synology DS920+ vs DS1520+

In comparison with its rival, the Synology DS1520+ is always dominant as it has a greater installed memory and more raw capacity. It has more hard drive bays and LAN ports. Moreover, its higher read/write speeds and more RAID modes … Read More

Synology DS718plus VS DS218plus

Synology DS718+ VS DS218+

In comparison with Synology DS218+, its other variant, the DS718+ is a more favorable option as it features a Quad-Core processor which grants it higher read/write speeds. Moreover, its design is more innovative and has an extra LAN port. The … Read More

Synology DS418 vs DS420j

Synology DS418 vs DS420j

Although both systems are equipped with the same processing unit, the Synology DS418 shows comparatively faster read-write speeds. With this NAS you also get a larger raw capacity, and better LAN ability. Things you should know before moving ahead: The … Read More

Synology DS 718+ vs Synology DS 720+

Synology DS 718+ vs Synology DS 720+

In comparison to Synology DS718+, the other variant DS720+ has a more powerful CPU, has slightly higher reading and writing speed, and provides better data backups as well as sharing. However, this device occupies greater space because of its larger … Read More

Synology DS220plus vs DS718plus

Synology DS220+ vs DS718+

In comparison with DS718+, DS220+ is lightweight and operates on a higher processing frequency, shows faster rpm and writing speeds, and costs lesser but it also comes with lesser warranty period and fewer RAID modes. DS718+ has an extra USB … Read More

Synology DiskStation DS220j vs Asustor as1002t v2

Synology DiskStation DS220j vs Asustor as1002t v2

Compared to Asustor, Synology DiskStation is faster and has better transfer rates than its competitor. While the Asustor has a larger capacity, and it can hold large volumes of data. Both of the NAS provide an adequate protection to the … Read More


Synology DS 420J vs Synology DS 420+

In comparison to Synology DS420J, the other variant, DS420+ possesses a more compelling processor, provides greater reading and writing speeds, and occupies less space due to its more compact design. However, during its operation, the fans generate relatively more sound. … Read More


Synology DS1819+ vs DS1821+

In comparison with Synology DS1819+, the other variant, DS1821+ variant has a high frequency quad-core processor and presents faster read-write speeds. However, internal memory unit of DS1819+is more reliable and it costs lesser money as well. Differences and Similarities of … Read More

Synology DiskStation DS 220J vs QNAP TS-230

Synology DiskStation DS 220J vs QNAP TS-230

In comparison to DS220J, TS-230 possesses greater RAM, provides better data backups and file sharing, and produces lower noise. However, it is costlier, provides a similar warranty, and consumes more power than its counterpart. Differences and Similarities of both NAS … Read More

Synology DiskStation DS220J vs Synology DiskStation DS218 play

Synology DS220J vs DS218 play

In comparison to Synology DS220J, the Synology DS218 play has a greater installed RAM, supports a higher number of RAID types, and has higher VPN Server connections. However, it supports fewer operating systems and has a higher power consumption compared … Read More

TerraMaster F4-210 vs Synology DS418

TerraMaster F4-210 vs Synology DS418

Compared to TerraMaster F4-210, Synology DS418 provides better read and write speed. However, it is slightly heavier and expensive than F4-210. Lets take a look at their differences and similarities before discussing them further: TerraMaster F4-210 is an effective NAS … Read More

QNAP TS-451+ vs Synology DS-920+

QNAP TS-451+ vs Synology DS-920+

In comparison between Synology DS-920 and QNAP TS-451, Synology provides a high-performance processor, clean cloud interface, and easy setup, while QNAP has better speed, backup facility, and warranty. Some things you should know first: Synology amplifies your data processing by … Read More

Synology DS 920plus vs. DS 220plus

Synology DS 920+ vs DS 220+

Compared with Synology DS220+, the 920+ offers better writing speeds, better storage and better file sharing capability. But the device is heavier, nosier and more expensive. Here’s the catch: Synology DS220+ is an earlier model with the capacity to accommodate … Read More

Synology DS220+ vs DS720+

Synology DS220+ vs DS720+

Both NAS devices are very similar in many ways. Hence, choosing one of these two can be tricky. The only aspect one needs to focus on is to think over which device is most suitable. This depends on your preferences. … Read More

Synology DS220+ vs DS420J

Synology DS220+ vs Synology 420j

Lets make things easier. Synology DS220+ has more speed than DS420j, but at the same time, both of these models of are very similar in price (at the time of writing). So what makes Synology 420j better here? Well, it … Read More

Synology DS220+ vs DS218play

Synology DS220+ vs DS218play

In a nutshell, Synology DS220+ performs better here as it has more reading and writing speed than its competitor. You can can out the speed in the table below. Both of these devices have a limited 2-year warranty. And both … Read More

WD My Cloud EX2 vs Synology DS218

WD My Cloud EX2 vs Synology DS218

DS218 is faster of the two as it has more memory and CPU power. It can do 10-bit 4k H.265 video transcoding on the fly and supports Web DAV while EX2 doesn’t. But it is more expensive. WD My cloud … Read More

WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra vs Synology DS220j

WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra vs Synology DS220j

My cloud EX2 Ultra comes with the CPU that offers great performance and speed due to its Marvell ARMADA385. It offers 1.3 GHz dual core processor that not only offers fast speed but also face no lag while transferring data. … Read More

Synology DS218j vs WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra

Synology DS218j vs WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra

Let put things in a simple manner, by checking out the major differences between both these devices. The EX2 Ultra provides you with a better overall speed, it has more memory (installed), and it at the same time also offers … Read More

WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra vs Synology DS218 Plus

WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra vs Synology DS218 Plus

In terms of performance, the My Cloud EX2 Ultra serves excellently both for home and small workplaces. The EX2 ultra outperforms the EX2 by offering 128K sequential functionality at rates of up to 116MB/s read as well as 112MB/s write.  … Read More

Synology DS220+ vs ds220j

Synology DS220+ vs ds220j

Let’s really simplify which one is better. Synology DS220+ has reading speed of 225MB/s and writing speed of 192MB/s whereas DS220j has reading and writing speed of up to 112 MB/s making it slower. DS220+ also has greater installed memory … Read More